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Identity Check; Coke or Fanta?


Hello there! Welcome back to my space. If this is your first time here, endeavor to check out my previous post (here).

coca-cola-cold-drink-soft-drink-coke-50593.jpegHere’s a glass of refreshing coca-cola drink to help you through your read. And a glass to fill for your friend.

The post title sounds somewhat funny, but it holds a lot to life. Growing up, my answer to the popular question of ‘’coke or fanta?’’ Had always been Fanta. Not that coke didn’t taste good then, nor that it didn’t have a good look either. It was fanta for me because coke has a dark color and fanta orange. It was enough to already hear people call me names like ‘’Blacky’’, So, I thought, why should I take a darkness painted drink again? Automatically I developed this hate relationship for coke or any drink with similar color. In fact, I lived most of…

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The Good Muslim..

Sometimes, Amexa writes.

Hi everybody,

The biweekly posts don’t seem to be working. My last post was a month ago. I’m sorry, I really am…  Uni is taking over my life BUT I’m going to try a little harder to be more consistent.

Today’s post is going to be quite short. A couple of weeks ago,  while having a conversation with my housemate in the kitchen, my prayer alarm rang on my phone. I excused myself and left to go observe my prayer. When I was done with my prayer, I went back down to the kitchen. When she saw me come down, she called me a ‘good Muslim’. She compared me to her friend who was not a ‘good Muslim’. Her friend, who is a Muslim, doesn’t wear the hijab like I do and she does not excuse herself to go pray as soon as the prayer is called.

My first instinct was…

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11 Dreams Killers and How to Overcome Them

Leila Khalil

We all have dreams.

Achieving ones dreams is somewhat equivalent to fulfilling ones purpose in life which would in turn lead to overall happiness; a sense of fulfilment. The opposite may potentially lead to depression and sadness.

The thing is we all have ideas which eventually lead to goals we must achieve to fulfil our dreams. Some of us succeed while others don’t, why? One’s ability to identify dream killers and overcome them will determine if they will succeed or not.

Dream killers may be internal or external.

Internal in the sense that it’s just between you and your dreams anything apart from this is regarded as external.


  1. Fear

Fear of failure, rejection, change and loss. Thinking too much about what if it doesn’t work out, what if this and what if that, is detrimental to attaining your goal. Fear is unavoidable, so acknowledging the fact that…

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What I’m Learning (Courage & Love) – August 2017


“In Life, We Get What What We Have The Courage To Ask For.” – Oprah

August has been a beautiful and memorable month Alhamdulillah. One of new experiences, connections and discovery.

I am learning that letting go is hard but there is good to be gained from it.

That every experience I go through, good or bad is there to direct me back to God If I let it.

That inspiration hits in the most unexpected places, to always have a notebook at hand and be thankful for moments of clarity.

I am learning that travelling back in time through my memory and journals can be both painful and exhilarating. To, however, continue to record moments through journaling – probably the most invaluable thing I own at this point. To say yes to new experiences and cherish moments of joy and happiness like watching Saro at the Theatre.

I am…

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Harsh realities of maturity and adulthood where in your entire reactions and approach to situations changes totally and grow responsibly.

In generality, it’s indisputable that life is stage-based; ranging from the childhood to adulthood.  These stages are made possible through the aid of growth. Obviously, majority of what distinguishes these stages is their physical structures among…
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